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The Weight is Over: Nutrition Bridal Bootcamp Total Transformation Program

This 12-week Nutritional Bridal Boot Camp program was designed by Lifestyle Coaches Kelly McCormack and Michael LoColle and they have helped dozens of women trim down for the trip down the aisle.  Sponsored by Club Inhale / Exhale.

Club Inhale / Exhale

The Pioneers in Fitness and Nutrition Design

Why Club Inhale / Exhale?

Michael LoColle and Kelly LaCasse have found the most innovative and exciting ways to combine members’ fitness and nutrition into a new lifestyle. We coach at our Private Health Club or your home throughout your journey to create the vision you have of yourself and your family. The education you will receive at our “non gym” is a very unique combination of empowerment, fitness, nutrition and healthy body image that cannot be found anywhere but here!

What can I expect?

“Make your body your machine; don’t let a machine make your body.” No box gym or cookie cutter machines will get you results like us! You will learn how to use your body in the most effective manner and learn new eating habits with the customized attention you need. We have high expectations when you work with us and are true partners in your health and fitness! The support we offer is white glove, concierge style. You CAN do this!

Our Nutritional Designs are proven 100% successful and we design for you a Scientific Fitness & Body Design custom program that will produce real life style changes. Our Food and Eating Psychology session will ensure your learn new tips you’ve never heard before and our Fitness Experts develop all of their own trademarked classes!

"When You Change Your Mind You CAN Change Your Body"