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Middle School

As you know, kids in middle school are a breed of their own.  This is a unique age for kids as they are just starting to discover who they are.  This is a group that can sometimes take a little time to get them onto the dance floor, but be assured that once they are dancing they won't stop.

Typically we will use a game or group line dance to break the ice and get them moving.

For Middle School Shows we provide dance lights.  We offer all kinds of light shows and will pick the one that is the most appropriate for the kids and the room in which the event takes place.

All of our music is screened for lyric content, so while we're willing to take requests we will not play any music with foul language.

If you have a theme for your event we will work it into our setup.

Typically we will DJ for middle schools from Boston MA to the North.  Visit our DJ Prices page for pricing information.

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