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We'll help you fundraise with our DJ's in Massachusetts

Schools and Charities Fundraising Program

School / Charity / Non-Profit / Fundraising



      At A True Family Affair DJ Service we pride ourselves in giving back to our community.  One of the ways we do this is by offering a referral program to local schools and charities.  Our service area includes Worcester MA to the east coast, and Plymouth MA to southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

      In order to qualify for this fundraising opportunity, we ask that you book A True Family Affair DJ at least once prior to joining the program.  This will give you the ability to refer our services based on firsthand knowledge.


What do you have to do?

      Send us an email, with your name, charity or school name, and let us know that you'd like to join our referral-fundraising program.  Then you can include a small write up about us in your newsletters, website, facebook etc.  (We will provide some examples below.)  It’s as simple as that, there is nothing else to do.


How much money will we get?

The amount of money you receive, depends on how many people book our services and mention your organizations name.

  •          For every regularly priced event, your organization will receive $50.00.
  •          For every regularly priced wedding, your organization will receive $75.00.


If five or more events are booked in your organizations name during the first five year period, you will receive our services free of charge at your next event.  This is on top of the money we will be sending you for those referrals.


      Below is a list of money potential you could receive for bookings within the five year period:

  •          5 events = $250 - $375
  •          10 events = $500 - $750 + $200 bonus
  •          15 events = $750 - $1125 + $300 bonus
  •          20 events = $1000 - $1500 + $400 bonus


      After five years, you can renew for another five years at no cost to you.

      The potential is there, and this is free money for your organization.  These events can be booked by anyone, and can be for private parties, corporate events, or any other celebration.


      A True Family Affair DJ Service has 3 full-time DJ’s and therefore has 468 days available each year for bookings, if you only count weekends.  The possibilities are limitless.


Examples for your newsletter:

  1. A True Family Affair DJ is a proud sponsor of ________. Visit them at www.ATrueFamilyAffair.com.
  2. In need of a DJ? A True Family Affair DJ will donate back to __________ if you mention our name when you book with them.  Visit their web site at www.ATrueFamilyAffair.com.
  3. A True Family Affair DJ will make a donation to ________ anytime you book with them and mention our name.  Visit them at www.ATrueFamilyAffair.com.


      These are only examples and you are, of course, welcome to write anything in your newsletters or on your web site that you would like.

      The only events excluded from the above would be kids events and charity events as they are already discounted.

      If you would like a printable version of the above information, let us know.  Email us anytime at info@atruefamilyaffair.com.