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Frequently Asked Questions about our DJ Services



Will you emcee our special event?  Does it cost extra money?

Yes we will emcee the event unless otherwise requested.  No it does not cost extra.


Do you charge for set up and take down of your equipment?



When would you arrive at the hall?

We would arrive approximately one hour early to the hall.  (Hour and a half if you have the Delux Light Show) Typically it takes between twenty (20) and twenty-five (25) minutes to set up.  By the time your guests start arriving, there will be music playing in the background. If you have chosen uplighting or our extreme light show, we may need to access the hall a little sooner.


Can I request special music?

Of course you can.  If we don't have the song you want for your special day, and it is still commercially available, we will get it.


What type of events have you done?

We have provided DJ services for all types of events; from Youth Events to Fundraiser's, Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Quinceañera's, Corporate Functions, Anniversaries and Weddings (Celebrity weddings too).    We offer both indoor and outdoor functions and work at venues such as Schools and VFW's, the Chez Joseph and the Lenox Grand Ballroom and everything in between.


Have you ever DJ'd for anyone famous?

We have been fortunate to DJ for Lisa Jae Davis (fitness guru from California) and emmy award winning actor Tom Lee Schanley.

What kind of sound quality do you offer?

As professionals we believe you should always have the best sound at your event.  Our sound systems are all of professional grade.


Do you offer a second DJ at events, or are you the only DJ?

Yes, we do offer a second DJ at events (upon your request at booking) for your added peace of mind.  This will ensure that there will always be someone behind the DJ booth.


Why are you so inexpensive?

Actually, we don't consider our services to be "cheap".  A typical DJ has different prices for different events.  For a five (5) hour Anniversary, or Birthday Celebration a typical DJ would charge around $475 - $550.  Those same DJ's often triple their prices when it comes to weddings.  This is a common practice.  We do charge a nominal additional fee based on the average amount of work that goes into preparing for a wedding.  This extra fee provides the bride and groom with unlimited consultation, and guarantees we will do everything we can to make sure we get all of your special music requests.  Typically behind the scenes a wedding can take from one to three hours for a DJ to prepare for.  (See below for more information)

Beware of DJ's or other event professionals that advertise on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, and any other wedding only web sites.  Those sites can charge in excess of $5,000.00 per year.  This cost of couse must be passed onto the consumer.  Those sites deliver results since brides are hungry for information and recommendations.  Since more than 50% of our events every year come from referrals, we do not have to advertise on those sites.

Then there's SEO services.  Many companies spend thousands of dollars trying to get better rankings on the search engines.  If you found us on a serch engine (ie. google) you found us through a totally natural ranking.  We have never paid for any SEO services.

All of these things help keep our prices reasonable.


Are there ever any hidden fees?

While many DJs have large lists of "hidden fees" including, use of a wireless microphone, setting up on a second floor of a building, lighting, etc. We Never Charge Any Hidden Fees.  We pride ourselves in always being up front and honest.  You will always find all of our prices listed right on our web site.

Do you charge for dance lights?

We do not charge for a basic light show.  A basic light show is more than enough for the average dance floor, however we do offer a delux light show for a small additional fee.

Do you offer uplighting?

Yes. We currently have only one set of uplighting (wireless), so it is first come first serve.


Will you interact with our guests, or just sit behind the booth?

The choice is really yours.  Many upscale weddings and events require that the DJ remains behind the booth at all times, makes the necessary announcements, and plays music.  Many other weddings and other events require a DJ that will not be afraid to get the crowd going.  Although you will never find our DJ's taking center stage and putting all the focus on themselves, we are willing to interact with the crowd teaching dances and holding contests.  We will do these things only at your request.  Dances have been taught to crowds as small as 15 people to as many as 1000+.  You choose how much or how little interaction you would like your DJ to have with your guests.


Do you have a demo we could listen to?

Yes, we have an audio demo link located in the left column.  It is about 4 minutes long.  We also have a video demo you can find on our wedding page, or on youtube under A True Family Affair DJ.


What makes your service different from all the others out there?

Actually there are several things, but let me give you just a couple.  First and foremost is our Attention to Detail with all events, but especially our weddings.  There are things we do, that no one else in the industry is doing.  Then there's Our Music...  There is a difference between quality and quantity.  We have the quality.  Some DJ's with the same number of years experience will brag about having 50,000 songs or more.  The truth is you'll be lucky to recognize even 1% of them and many of the songs will contain foul language and inappropriate content.  Although our collection is quite extensive, more than 78% of our songs have actually been requested, and none of them have objectionable content or language.


Why do some DJ's charge $1500+ for weddings?

There are many factors that play into what a DJ charges.  A DJ's expense is the number one factor in deciding what a DJ needs to charge.  A typical DJ can spend between $150 and $300 a month in web site maintenance fees.  (The initial fee to design the web site can cost $1000 or more.)  If the DJ pays a company to maximize their web site results, that can cost an additional $500 to $1500 a year.  Then you've got advertisement fees.  Good DJ's spend between $200 and $2000 a month in advertising costs.  The same DJ will spend $75 to $100 a month to belong to a music service.  All things added, some DJ's spend as much as $18,300 a year, and that doesn't cover equipment fees and maintenance.

Of course DJ's that advertise on Wedding only web sites such as Bride.com, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Wedding Wire can easily spend in excess of $5000 per year for just one site.  With all of our wedding referrals, we are able to avoid those types of high cost advertisements. 

We have an advantage over most DJ's out there since our expenses are much lower.  First, I designed the web site and maintain it on a weekly basis.  The web space we use costs only $5 a month.  I also work to maximize my own web site results instead of hiring another company to do that.  Because of our high referral rate we only spend about $2000 a year in advertising.  Since we hand pick all of our music we do not belong to a music service.  We average under $20 a month in music purchases.  (All of our music purchases are based on requests and top 40 songs.)  All in all our costs average around $200 a month, not including equipment maintenance fees and updates.


What size room can you accomodate?

Our sound systems allow us to work venues of all sizes.  From the small rooms at peoples homes, to some of the largest ballrooms and even outdoor events.  We provide complete sound checks prior to the event to ensure that you receive the best sound quality available at the location of your event.


What if we don't have electricity?  If we're at a beach or park etc.

We do have the availability of providing our own electricity with our own portable generator.  See our pricing page for more information.